Who we are

AssetTypes and Application Scenarios

Fungible Tokens(FTs)

Cryptocurrencies,Stablecoins, RewaSrd points and In-game virtual currencRies;

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Digital art,Collectibles, Virtual real estate, Gaming items and characters.

Semi-Fungible Tokens(SFTs)

Programmable assets,Fractional Ownership and Asset Securitization.

Decentralized Identities(DIDs)

Self-Sovereign Identity,Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Governance.

Issuance Models

  • Selfmint: 100%
  • Selfmint: 50%
  • max: 21000000
  • max:20000000
  • block:890000-900000
  • block:900000-988888

Fair Launch

In this community-driven issuance model, the focus is on fair minting by community members, controlled by the "block" parameter.

The deployment confirmation block must be at least 1,000 blocks after the start block, otherwise the ticker will be invalid.

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This mode is led by the project team and has two variations:

1.Full Control:"selfmint" parameter is set to 100%;

2.Partial Control:"selfmint" parameter is set to a value less than 100%, e.g., 10%

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In this mode, minting is constrained by other factors and cannot be done without limitations. The specific constraints are set by the project party. For example,

a requirement to continue minting on a certain rare attribute or a particular ticker. selfmint: Not set max: Can be set, but not required block: Not set

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Asset circulation

The SAT20 asset circulation protocol addresses the entry, exit, and circulation of SAT assets in the second layer network, with key features including:

  • Users have full control over their funds.
  • Shared security of the BTC mainnet.
  • Compatible with future BTC technological developments.
  • Low fees (less than 10% of mainnet fees), high confirmation
    speed (within 10 seconds), high concurrency.
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Our Roadmap

Technical Roadmap

Mid Q4 2023


Whitepaper; Protocol Development (ordx); Protocol Website Development(ordx.space)
Q1 2024

SAT20 Launches

Launches SAT20 (Formerly Ordx); Deploys First Fairly Launched Asset Sample - $Pearl;
Early Q2 2024

SAT20 Upgrade

Index Upgrade; Asset Splitting; Rare Satoshi Query, Minting Functionality
Mid Q2 2024

Expand SAT20

SQT token generation event; Develop Trading Market Interface; Support NFT, SFT, DID, DOB Asset Types; Exploring Layer-2 TVN Network
Q3 2024

Trading and Circulation

Supports Project Teams to Flexibly Deploy Projects: Full Reservation, Semi-Reservation, and Fair Launch Modes; Supports Third-Party Market Trading
Q4 2024


SAT20 Sample Projects (SFT, DID, DOB); Open-Source the SAT20(Index, Name Service, and TVN Sample Network)

Develop SAT20

Explore Community Governance Model $Pearl to Serve as Governance Proxy for Proposals, Voting, etc.
About Labs

About SAT20 Labs

SAT20 LABS is a research laboratory dedicated to exploring innovative asset issuance and circulation models on the Bitcoin network. Through extensive and in-depth research, we have gradually established the "secure, economical, and efficient" SAT20 asset issuance and circulation protocols. We always adhere to the "satoshi-standard" and "one coin, one satoshi, mandatory binding" model, aiming to achieve a secure and standardized token issuance framework within the Bitcoin network. Our research focuses on FT, NFT,SFT,DID, DOB, and other asset models.

Our work will greatly enrich the Bitcoin ecosystem, drive innovation, and provide momentum for the development of the digital economy. We firmly believe that asset models based on Bitcoin will provide strong support for the digital economy, bringing more opportunities and possibilities.

Our advantges

Six major Advantages


Native to BTC,bound with Satoshi,supported by value,never going to zero,easy to verify.

High Security

Sharing the security of the mainnet, users have complete control over their assets.

High Compatibility

High compatibility with existing and future BTC technologies (Lightning Network, BitVM, etc.)

Varied asset types

Support for FT, NFT, SFT, DID, DOB and other types, with a dual-graph nature.

Flexible issuance

Supports three modes: fair launch, project-led, and customizable.

Efficient circulation

Based on the Lightning Network, low fees, high concurrency, fast confirmations.